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1. Alexis Dekany v. Eric Paull, Akron Police Department, Stow Police Department; Case No. 5:16CV01829.
Alexis Dekany filed suit against all Defendants for stalking, menacing, harassing, and conspiring to cover up all such actions.

2. Monty Bauch et al. v. RCCS et al.; 1:14CV02765-CAV.
Wrongful removal of a 4yr old child from her Father for three years by a children services agency and malpractice against the counseling agency. services for inappropriate treatment.

3. Wesley Redding v. Finn's Incorporated et al.; Case No. 1:16CV01411.
Plaintiff has brought action against Defendant for failure to pay wages and overtime that he was entitled to under FLSA and the laws of Ohio.

4. In re LIBOR Based Financial Instruments Anti Trust Litigation, Cicchini Enterprises Inc v. JP Morgan Chase & Co: 11-md-2262-NRB
LIBOR Multi-District Litigation with Cicchini Enterprises as a member of the Direct Action Plaintiffs against JP Morgan Chase Bank and various other financial institutions.


1. State of Ohio v. Colleen McKernan; Case No. 2015CR0040.
Colleen McKernan has been charged with murder of her husband on New Year's Eve in 2014. She recently received her second hung jury and her third trial is set for April 3, 2017.

2. Heckathorn et al. v. David Depasquale, ESQ. et al.; Case No. 2015CV01304
Parties obtained a Default Judgment against Zurich Insurance Company for bad faith amounting in $1.79 million dollars in damages.

3. Ida Campbell, administrator of the Estate of Anquez Campbell v. Baylor Beach Park; Case No. 2016-CV-00615.
Plaintiffs brought action against Defendants after their employees failed to supervise use of swimming lake and to give proper life-saving aid, resulting in the death of Anquez Campbell.

4. Nicola Thomas v. Michael W. Fine, Esq. and Fine Legal Services LLC; Case No. 15CV185559; Kelly Ison v. Michael W. Fine, Esq., et al; Case No. 15-CV-1863.07.
Defendant hypnotized and assaulted Plaintiff, while under the pretense of legal representation. Legal Malpractice, Plaintiff sues Defendant for breach of duty by failing to conform to the standard of care required by law.

5. Freeman and Martha Hostetler v. Phillip Teague, M.D. and Union Hospital Association; Case No. 2016-CM-040230.
Defendant failed to properly diagnose Plaintiff with prostate cancer by failing to properly screen his PSA levels, resulting in Plaintiff's death.

6. JN House Enterprises Inc. v. Forever Young Inc., et al. Case No. CV-2016-041826.
In violation of civil action for damages from a criminal act, Defendant has wrongfully obtained funds, which far exceeds ten thousand dollars.

7. Betty Best, administratrix of the Estate of Jack Best v. Matthew P. Noyes, M.D., et al.; Case No. 2016-CM-070452.
Plaintiff brought action against Defendant for Medical Malpractice after Defendant failed to properly administer required medications, resulting in his death.


1. Susan Louscher v. University of Akron, Dr. George Haritos; Case No. 201500212
Plaintiff brings action against Defendant(s) for defamation, I.I.E.D., negligent supervision.

2. Linda Thomas, Administrator for the Estate of Brian Burkett Jr. v. Ohio Department of Mental Health; Case No. 201500487.
Plaintiff sues Defendant on behalf of her son in a wrongful death after Defendant negligently failed to administrator the required medications and procedure of administering the medications.