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Call For An Initial Consultation: 855.336.7955
We Treat Every Case As If It Were Our Own Personally
MMFL Strives To Assist Plaintiffs On A Variety Of Matters With Passion And Perseverence. Below Are A Few Examples Of The 2016 Cases We Are Handling.

Northern District Federal Court: Wrongful removal of a 4yr old child from her Father for three years by a children services agency and malpractice against the counseling services for inappropriate treatment.

Federal Court: Wrongful death due to an explosion inside a tank during a welding job.

Ohio Court of Claims: Lawsuit against a local University for injunctive relief and defamation.

Ohio Court of Claims: Wrongful death of an inmate due to overdose of medication.

Southern District of Mississippi: Lawsuit against environmental agency for fraud and injunctive relief due to multi-million dollar damages suffered by the company.

MDL Litigation: Local business owner against an international bank for improper loan practices.

Stark County Common Pleas: Legal malpractice against an attorney who represented both parties in transactions resulting in significant losses to over eleven individuals.

Stark County Common Pleas: Wrongful death of a 15-year-old at a local swimming pool establishment.

Stark County: Driver suffered near death injuries from accident involving first a passenger van crossing over the highway and then a semi truck driver crashing into our client's vehicle.

Tuscawaras County Common Pleas: Misdiagnosis of prostate cancer due to failure to read PSA results.

Lorain County Common Pleas: Sexual assault and legal malpractice against a Lorain County attorney for hypnosis.

Stark County: Motor vehicle accident in which Mother and daughter sustained injuries requiring surgery and a plastic surgeon.

Montgomery County Common Pleas: Sexual assault against a medical director of a nursing home facility.

Franklin County Common Pleas: Wrongful death from medical malpractice in a Columbus hospital.

Tuscawaras County: Wrongful death of a nursing home resident due to improper medication.

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