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  • MMFL Has A Stellar And Long-Standing Reputation In Ohio

    The History of MMFL

    The Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas law firm was originated by Virgil "Bud" Mills in Canton, Ohio. Bud Mills was a very well-respected, strong litigator with principles and a reputation for helping people in the community. It is with honor that we can continue what he started and we can provide the strength and desire to help people today in so many counties throughout Ohio.

    Current Leadership

    Laura L. Mills has practiced under the MMFL roof since passing the bar exam in May of 1994 and has worked diligently to continue the firm expanding into various legal areas throughout Ohio. Laura never considered any other career choice and passionately exhibits her zealous determination to protect and advocate for MMFL clients each and every day. MMFL works hard in the constant fight for the rights of individuals and businesses.

    Who Are We?

    We are a group of determined legal advocates that has found the strength of working together to the advantage of our clients. We assist one in another in providing a collective and strong group to advance our clients' interests. We rely on our principles and purpose. We persevere with reliance on each other with tenacity that does not relent and delivers the best result for our clients.

    Why We Do It

    At the law firm of Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas, we wholeheartedly believe we have the experience and training to make a difference for people. By having the abilities to make a difference, we want to assist as many people as we can to protect the law and create the right law that others can benefit from as well. We are steadfast in our commitment to our clients, always mindful of providing them with the most honorable representation.

  • Important Considerations To Know When Choosing A Lawyer

    Who to hire for legal services?

    This is a question most people are faced with at some point. You certainly need to make sure the lawyer has the credentials and experience for the work you are seeking, but you also must be comfortable interacting with the lawyer. We strive to make you feel confident that we have the experience but also that you can discuss your case thoroughly so you don't continue to feel anxious, confused or concerned about your legal issue once you have hired us to manage your task.

    You must be in a partnership with your lawyer

    If it is a matter affecting your business then you should feel as if the lawyer is treating your business like their own. You should be comfortable to give them a task and know they will come back with answers and solutions that they would employ in your shoes. We are in a partnership with you and will take your problems as if they are our own problems and handle them together.

    Don't Get Shuffled

    We've heard clients tell us of prior experiences with firms that bill them for services provided by people working on their matters who they've never even heard of. We don't do that. We work as a team and may have more than one lawyer on the file, but you'll know who is working on your case. MMFL wants to serve and work with you to solve your legal issues. We're all on the same team, working for you. Find us as lawyers, but remain friends of our firm.

    Disclose Every Detail

    You must be comfortable to disclose all facts about your problem. If you do not feel comfortable then it creates a hindrance to your case and may cause problems in the result. We want you to know that we are here as confidants to take all relevant information and design solutions and strategies with the complete picture.

  • Our Attorneys Will Share Their Knowledge and Wisdom With A New Column Every Week

    Slander Of Title

    There is a body of claims in the law that are torts, meaning they involve a civil wrong -- other than a breach of contract -- that can be remedied with an award of money damages. One example of a tort action is slander of title. This is pretty much what it sounds like: a false statement that casts doubt on another person's ownership ... Slander Of Title »

    Duty In Medical Malpractice Cases

    Ohioans may be surprised to learn that medical malpractice cases are on the decline. In fact, in 2012, the latest year for which numbers are available, there were 2,733 claims. This is the lowest since 2005, when the state began tracking claims, at which time there were 5,051 claims. In order to establish ... Duty In Medical Malpractice Cases »

    All About The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act

    The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act provides that no supplier shall commit an unfair or deceptive act or practice, or an unconscionable one, in connection with a consumer transaction.1 According to the Act, "consumer transaction means a sale, lease, assignment, award by chance, or other ... All About The The Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act »

    Compulsory Counterclaims

    When a plaintiff files a complaint, any of the defendants is entitled to file its own claims against the plaintiff. These are known as counterclaims. When the counterclaim/s arise out of the transaction or occurrence that is the subject matter of the plaintiff's claim, the rules of civil procedure require the defendant ... Compulsory Counterclaims »

Bankruptcy Blog

Are you behind on payments to creditors like millions of other Americans? Do you have questions regarding a personal or corporate bankruptcy? Need sound advice pertaining to the potential restructuring of your debt?

Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas attorney Brian Flick is an editor and regular contributor to and has authored scores of columns with insightful information, tips, and suggestions.

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Firm Spotlight

Residential foreclosures are rampant, as millions of Americans have either lost their houses or are in jeopardy of doing so. If you are either behind on your mortgage payments or being harassed by debt collectors, the attorneys at Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas may be able to keep you in your home.

In the meantine, we hope you'll read this article about Ohio Foreclosure Defense to learn more about how we can help.

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