Taking Action After Professional Malpractice

There is a wide range of services you may use often in which the practitioners are officially licensed and subject to rigorous professional standards. When such a professional — be it an attorney, an accountant, or someone in another field — fails to live up to the standards of his or her industry in a way that causes harm to you or your finances, you can hold that person accountable through a professional malpractice suit.

At Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas, we can help you when someone else's professional negligence has caused you physical or financial injury. Errors from meeting the standard of care in the industry which causes you harm deserve to be compensated, and we will stand by your side to pursue your claims.

Responding To Attorney Negligence And Other Lapses

Just as doctors and other medical workers are subject to charges of medical malpractice, professionals in other fields must be held to the standards of their own professional organizations and to the law in the event of a breach of professional responsibility.

We have helped our clients seek malpractice suits against a wide range of negligent professionals, including:

  • Legal malpractice and/or inadequate counsel by attorneys, including the failure to meet filing deadlines and statutes of limitation
  • Undisclosed, compromising conflict of interest
  • Building contractors
  • Dentists and other dental workers

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