To whom it may concern.

My name is Joe Robinson in Feb 2010 my world had changed forever, I felt the pain that no father should have to, My youngest daughter Andrea who was a freshman at Ohio University passed away, not only did I have to endure pain like I had never experienced in my life I kept telling myself that what I was being told didn't make sense and I had so many questions that I could not get answers to on my own. I contacted a couple of law firms that were referred to me from friends to help me get these answers. After meeting with these firms it was clear to me that they just wanted to look for a case and not get me my answers.

It was at this time that I reached out to Laura Mills from MMFL, after my first meeting with Laura, I knew instantly that I found the right person to help me get my answers. Laura left no stone unturned and contacted the best experts to look at Andrea's story, not only was Laura able to get the answers to all my questions she and her firm were able to make the people pay that made huge mistakes that caused Andrea's death. Laura was right beside me every step of the way from discovery until trial. Sometimes when I watched Laura work it was like she was fighting for her own child. I know in my heart that if Andrea was looking down on us that she would have been so proud to have Laura fighting for her. Not only is Laura a great attorney she is also at her core a great human being and I will always consider her a friend. I always tell everybody I know that if you ever need anyone to fight for you then you would be making a huge mistake not to call Laura at MMFL.

Thank You
Joe Robinson
Shaker Heights Oh.

Laura Mills was the perfect choice when we needed to hire an attorney to defend our daughter Colleen McKernan. Laura provided excellent representation in a horribly complex and convoluted case. They were able to secure a mistrial due to a hung jury and then expertly negotiated a minimal plea deal. I would not hesitate to hire Laura. The entire office staff was heavily invested in securing a positive outcome for our daughter. We respect, admire and are thankful to two attorneys who are in direct contradiction to how people normally describe attorneys. They are kind, compassionate and eminently professional. Laura exudes grace and held up to relentless pressure. We are thankful that we are not just clients but now more like family.

-Gary and Jan Owen

To Laura and the MMFL team,

After dealing with a few attorneys we were extremely fortunate to have found Laura Mills. She listened to our story and took on the case which, to say the least, was one-of-a-kind. She kept us included and informed throughout the entire process making it clear at every step what to expect. And even when things changed she was there to again explain and help us understand. We understood and knew the risks with every step we took with her. Thanks to her dedication, relentless attitude, and meticulous preparation we eventually achieved the desired outcome.

Laura Mills is definitely the one I would want on my side for any legal situation as her passion for fighting for what is right is unsurpassed. We not only found the BEST attorney we found a friend in the process. There are many options out there as we found, but stop looking and work with the best!

Thanks for everything Laura!

Dennis and Laura Heckathorn