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Divorce doesn't have to dampen a child's holiday spirit

Divorce is stressful for families across Ohio and the nation. Unfortunately, the holidays often bring out deeper emotions of sadness for those sharing custody. On top of facing the normal stress involved in the breakup of a family, divorced parents and their children also have to meet new challenges when it comes to visitation and custody. To add to this, younger children especially have a hard time understanding why they are unable to keep family holiday traditions alive with both parents. They may be averse to taking part in new traditions.

To combat these potential issues, children should be made aware of holiday plans well in advance so that they know where they will reside and with whom. It's also important that parents allow each other to celebrate with the children in their own ways without voicing judgment or disapproval. The goal is for children to enjoy the holidays in whatever setting they are placed in, and attempting to one-up the other parent can put a damper on the joyous spirit of the season.

Medical errors are a leading cause of death

Preventable medical errors harm patients in Ohio every year. Over 40 percent of Americans feel that healthcare is a top political issue. However, neither Democrats nor Republicans have addressed preventable medical errors. The statistics regarding preventable medical errors are shocking. Reportedly, medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. A 2016 study found that over 250,000 patients likely die every year as a result of preventable medical errors, and a recent survey of nurses found that 35 percent felt not enough is being done to improve patient safety.

Some of the most common types of errors are diagnostic errors and medication errors. Diagnostic errors are estimated to affect over 12 million patient a year, and over 4 million are believed to suffer serious harm as a result. Despite internal investigations into these problems, they remain widespread at medical facilities across the country.

Taxes, overspending and other financial mistakes in divorce

Knowing ahead of time about some of the common financial mistakes people make in divorce can help people in Ohio avoid those mistakes. For example, some people might sell assets to cover divorce bills without realizing that there will be taxes to pay as a result of that sale.

Another tax-related mistake is not realizing that certain steps must be taken in dividing a 401(k). To avoid tax consequences and penalties, a distribution must be done with a document called a qualified domestic relations order, and the distribution has to be rolled into a 401(k). If the divorce is finalized starting in 2019, there will not be any taxes on alimony payments. However, this also means that those payments will not be tax-deductible for the payer, so the recipient might get less money overall. People should not quit their jobs to avoid alimony payments. This will cost them more money than making the payments over the long term.

Co-parenting through the holiday season

Co-parenting means compromise, and that is never more apparent than during the holidays.

The season is packed with family, presents and days off school. They also contain lots of potential for arguments, schedule conflicts and general frustration. Here are a few tips for getting through the holiday season as a co-parent without losing your mind:

Attending to the kids needs in a divorce makes all the difference

Divorce is rough on everyone involved. However, as emotionally draining as it can be for the couple, there often is the realization that it is the right thing to do, and a new beginning is can be a good thing. For the most part, kids want their parents to stay together and work things out. A joint effort by the couple to make their children's needs paramount can help the kids cope with the divorce and get on with their lives.

Marriage and family counselors emphasize the importance of developing resilient children. As unpleasant as divorce may be, especially for younger kids, it is part of life, and the sooner a child learns to handle challenges that come along the better. Since the kids take their cues from their parents, there are specific things a divorcing parent should focus on.

Getting an SBA loan

Loans that are backed by the United States Small Business Administration offer many features that entrepreneurs in Ohio may find very attractive. There are a wide selection of loan options, smaller down payments, competitive rates and terms, longer repayment periods and guardrails for going through the loan process. However, it is important that small business owners do their research and understand exactly how SBA loans work.

Almost any type of business that is in operation and provides a service or product can apply for an SBA loan. The money is not directly loaned by the SBA to small businesses; the only way a business can obtain such a loan is by going through an approved lender. The SBA serves as a guarantor for the loans and establishes guidelines, two factors that lower risk for the lenders.

What happens in a "gray divorce"

Ohio couples who are 50 and older may be more likely to go through what is known as a "gray divorce", the phenomenon of older adults ending their marriages. While divorce rates in this age group used to be much lower, since 1990, they have doubled. However, researchers say that gray divorce can put the health of older people at risk.

Some older people may have conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease that worsen under stress. Depression and anxiety can be factors in insomnia, alcohol abuse and overeating. Social isolation is also a health risk, and men may be particularly likely to suffer from this since planning the couple's social life was often the woman's job. Since women are often paid less and may have stayed home to raise children, they might find themselves struggling financially after divorce, even to the point of being unable to afford necessities.

Angel investors may say yes when banks say no

Entrepreneurs in Ohio and around the country sometimes turn to angel investors after trying unsuccessfully to obtain funding from traditional lenders. Angel investors, like venture capitalists, tend to take a more liberal approach to risk assessment, but they generally expect the loans they make to be repaid within five years. While the interest rates charged on loans not obtained from conventional sources are usually high, angel investors and venture capitalists often provide business owners with valuable advice and coaching in addition to financing.

Many angel investors choose to only make loans to companies that operate in business sectors with which they are familiar and have a demonstrable track record of success. This means that they can provide entrepreneurs with the benefits of their experience, but it also means that they may be unimpressed with business ideas that have not been properly developed or rely on questionable assumptions.

The ways that cancer is diagnosed

Ohio residents may be curious as to what the usual ways are to diagnose cancer. It all begins with patients having a screening test done, and if the results of the test suggest cancer, the doctor must determine the cause for good. This involves asking patients about their personal and family medical history and having them undergo a physical exam.

Blood, urine and other bodily fluids can measure the level of certain substances in the body, and when these substances are present in high or low levels, they are a strong indicator of cancer. For this reason, patients can expect to undergo lab tests for these fluids. Lab tests alone will not diagnose cancer, though.

Identifying OB-GYN malpractice

An annual visit to an OB-GYN is common among women in the United States. Women should expect their doctor to have the training and knowledge to effectively care for a patient. There are unfortunately situations of OB-GYN malpractice, leaving some women in the hands of a negligent doctor.

OB-GYN malpractice can endanger lives, health and fertility. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to a physician’s mistakes in prenatal care, an experienced medical malpractice attorney can guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your injury.

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