Not all Ohio couples deciding to part ways have a desire to squabble over every little divorce-related detail. In fact, some partners have an honest desire to make the end of a marriage an orderly, collaborative and amicable process. One way for separating spouses to do this is to call on a “coach” for help.

A collaborative divorce coach often has a mental health background and mediation experience. Their goal is to make conversations between divorcing spouses more productive. They sometimes coordinate efforts with everyone involved with a divorce. This may include a child psychologist if children are involved and financial advisers if assets need to be split. A coach may also step in if discussions get heated. They could provide one-on-one counseling to help a spouse regroup and focus.

A divorce coach could work with a spouse who’s not fully prepared for the psychological impact of ending a marriage. Some coaches even go through a mental rehearsal with clients so they won’t be surprised by matters that may come up during discussions. Coaches also strive to help divorcing spouses discover their own answers as they proceed through the divorce process. As for selecting a coach, it’s typically advised that a spouse choose someone in line with their needs. For example, they may want a coach experienced with matters involving children if custody will be an issue.

It can be equally helpful for a divorcing spouse to take some time to choose a family law attorney that’s right for their situation. An attorney may discuss the planned strategy with a divorce coach so the client can be better prepared for negotiation attempts. This could be helpful if there’s a mutual wish to avoid court battles.