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At Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas, our business law attorneys work hard to serve the needs of both individuals and businesses. Whether your business is a small startup or an established company, we will help you navigate the details of the law so that you can conduct your business without interruption.

We Draft And Review Contracts That Last

Contracts are an essential component of our day-to-day lives as individuals and as business owners. As an individual, you enter into various contracts throughout your life for services to be rendered or benefits to be obtained. As business owners, our clients establish contracts with multiple vendors and service providers.

Certain contracts specify the law to be applied, for an action to be filed, whether a jury trial has been waived or that the issues must be arbitrated. Contracts must be reviewed to fully understand these conditions. MMFL attorneys are qualified to properly interpret all types of contracts.

We can assist with court actions, mediations or arbitrations. We have successfully brought claims in contract disputes, defended contract claims, and we are very experienced in advising clients on their rights and the process of a contract claim.

Don’t hesitate in contacting Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas to review contracts and determine if resolutions can be obtained prior to legal action.

Establish A Business Or Partnership, Or Dissolve One

The opening and the closing of a business are monumental steps, which should be taken with the advice of an attorney. Businesses can be formed as corporations (S-Corp or C-Corp), limited liability companies (LLC), and/or partnerships. While the selection of the business entity will depend on various factors, such as tax considerations, the goal is also to shield the owners from individual liability. You want to protect the individual assets of your family from the startup of a business.

Many considerations must be reviewed with a new company before the doors open for other concerns such as the type of entity, number of owners, structure of the ownership and the domicile of the business.

The owners of the business and their relationships should also be considered. The operating rules of the entity must clearly spell out how everyone is to interact and how decisions are to be made.

The numerous factors and considerations at startup must also be addressed if the doors happen to close. The business will need to be closed effectively and appropriately with creditors, debtors, lenders, taxing authorities and between the owners.

We also assist in lender negotiations with financial institutions before, during or after a business is operating. By working with an attorney at the forming and dissolving of the business, legal situations can be avoided.

Call us today to discuss your new business, old business or soon to be closed business to get the advice you need.

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