A Full-Service Law Firm With Cases Throughout Ohio

We treat every case as if it were our own.

A full-service law firm with cases throughout Ohio

We treat every case as if it were our own.

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Attorneys Serving Clients Across Ohio For More Than Eighty Years

Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas has numerous trial attorneys who will fight for the rights and defenses of our clients and pursue the best outcomes possible through resolution or trial.

What Sets Us Apart

The most important thing in choosing a lawyer is to make sure you’re comfortable with that lawyer. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can maximize your claim.

What Our Clients Say

“Laura Mills was the perfect choice when we needed to hire an attorney to defend our daughter Colleen McKernan. Laura provided excellent representation in a horribly complex and convoluted case. They were able to secure a mistrial due to a hung jury and then expertly negotiated a minimal plea deal. I would not hesitate to hire Laura. The entire office staff was heavily invested in securing a positive outcome for our daughter. We respect, admire and are thankful to two attorneys who are in direct contradiction to how people normally describe attorneys. They are kind, compassionate and eminently professional. Laura exudes grace when held up to relentless pressure. We are thankful that we are not just clients but now more like family.” — Gary and Jan Owen

Meet Our Attorneys

MMFL attorneys are admitted to practice in state and federal courts of Ohio; 6th and 8th Circuit Courts and the District of Columbia.

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We Find Solutions To Some Of Life’s Most Difficult Legal Problems

At Mills, Mills, Fiely & Lucas, our proven commitment to outstanding service and strong results means you can feel good letting us help you tackle whatever challenges and opportunities you face, now and in the future. For decades, individuals, families and businesses have turned to our attorneys for the advice, answers and insights they need. As a true full-service firm, we provide a wide range of legal services across numerous areas of practice, yet our ultimate focal point is always the same: You.

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